Curriculum vitae  Tanja Niederfeld

1995 Start as self-employed artist as part of the joint artist workshop „Planie“, Reutlingen
2013 Scholarship of the International Art Symposium of Budapest


Tanja Niederfeld lives and works in Reutlingen 

Member of the Association of Fine Artists of the state of Baden-Württemberg

Personal exhibitions: (examples)

2017 Gallery Melchior, Kassel
  Produzentengalerie Pupille, Reutlingen
2015 Gallery Melchior, Kassel
  Gallery Pupille , Reutlingen
  Gallery "im Gewölbe", Osiander Reutlingen
2013 Museum Marino Marini (catalogue), graphical reproduction and paintings, Pistoia, Italiy

Group exhibitions (examples)

2016  Gallery Pupille, Reutlingen 
  GEDOK Reutlingen, Spitalhof Reutlingen
  Gallery Melchior, Kassel
2015 Kooperation Städtische Galerie Reutlingen u. Kunstverein Reutlingen
  „International Art Symposium of Budapest“ scholars, Gallery in the tower Reutlingen
2012 Cooperation Städtische Galerie Reutlingen and Kunstverein Reutlingen
2010 Gallery of the state of Bavaria, Kunstkabinett Regensburg (catalogue)
2009 Gallery Schrade (catalogue), Schloß Mochental